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Recover With Success with a 24/7 Sober Companion

The road to sobriety is one not taken lightly, and there is no way to do it alone. While a sponsor can help you by being there when you call, a sober companion is with you every step of the way. The Sober Companions offers access to your very own sober coach who can help you on your journey through recovery. Each of our companions have been there themselves and are able to provide the most effective support that can make the difference in success.

How Does a Sober Coach Work?

A sober companion is an experienced individual who has been exactly where you are now. They provide a constant presence in your life that allows you to recover without falling to any of the threats that recovery can pose. Your sober coach is with you through the first 90 days of recovery, where they help you to avoid triggers, keep your environment safe, monitor your activities and behaviors, while encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.

Family is extremely important throughout the recovery process, and your sober companion is there for you to help you to rebuild the relationships you once lost. They will also help you to put into practice the skills you learned during your treatment so that you can enjoy a successfully clean lifestyle.

See How a Sober Companion Can Change Your Life Today

The path to recovery is long and challenging, and without the right support, many recovering addicts fall back into bad habits. The Sober Companions offers a hands-on approach to helping patients through recovery. Your live-in sober companion is there for you throughout the 90 day acute period of your recovery in order to help you to stay on track in the most effective way. To learn more about our services, call today at 1-800-421-5589.

A Road to Recovery with your Sober Companion

A Private Addiction Service Breaking All the Stigmas Surrounding Recovery and Providing Tailored Solutions

Sober companions offer a unique experience with the promise of 24/7 support through a hands-on approach, in a live-in situation, with an overflowing amount of hope towards a successful and rewarding recovery. This is superior to any type of sponsor or sober coach type service because we are dedicated to you, 100% assisting you in avoiding triggers, breaking poor habits, changing behaviors and thought patterns, or anything else that may interfere with your continued sobriety and overall health, wellness and happiness.

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Who Needs A Sober Companion?

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A sober companion acts as a safeguard helping you to adjust to life outside of rehab and to lower the likelihood of a potential relapse. A sober companion’s goal is to shatter those negative statistics and drastically increase your long-term success rate!

Remember, the only true measure of sober success is based on the intangible results of health, happiness and bringing positivity to those around you!

Overall breakdown of sober companions includes but are not limited to:





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Every individual has their own struggles and unique story. While implementing and practicing the right tools learned in rehabilitation treatments, some people will leave feeling confident and strong, while others anxious and apprehensive to “re-enter” society. Each mindset can present challenges to overcome during the acute phase of recovery. Completing treatment is just one chapter in your recovery journey, as you attempt to overcome your personal, lifelong war with addiction and reclaim your life. More often than not, treatment alone will not guarantee long-term success in maintaining sobriety and learning to live a more fulfilling life. Just ask anyone who has been through the relapse cycle, or anybody who’s obtained sobriety and still struggles to rebuild their life.

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