Why The Sober Companions?

Because a sober companion has walked in your shoes. They have been where you are. Their story is your story. When recovering addicts opt for a coach or sponsor, they have no idea what exactly they are getting. Do they have the proper skills, education, knowledge or even good intentions?

Many addicts are extremely well-versed in the art of manipulation, especially when it comes to the ones who love them and/or have something they need. A sober companion has recovered from addiction themself and is well-prepared to recognize manipulation and nip it in the bud before it becomes dangerous. Some recovery programs provide a “sponsor.” A sponsor is more aligned to that of a close friend you can call anytime you need some encouragement while a sober companion is with you 24/7, providing all-encompassing guidance in terms of achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual connections with the world around you and yourself.

24/7 Sober Companion

Addicts are much more at risk at home because of the presence of people, places, and things that have triggered them to use in the past. It’s vital to break these mental associations and to learn new ways of coping, especially during the first year after intensive treatment. The acute period of the first 90 days is absolutely critical for the reasons mentioned above. Bottom line, this is a service offering for those individuals who have the utmost desire to stay clean from their core. 

  • Removal of drugs and alcohol from your home, recreational and/or work environments

  • Helping individuals avoiding their triggers

  • Keeping a strong watch over your daily routine during recovery

  • Identifying any behaviors that seem out of the ordinary

  • Encouraging healthy habits in all areas of your life

  • Making sure you are practicing and strengthening any tools that you learned in treatment, as well as gaining new tools

  • Monitoring whom you associate with and are spending time with

  • Helping you build positive relationships, bonds and reconnecting with family and loved ones

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This is an investment In your lifelong recovery.
There is no price on that!