Recovery is a challenging journey, but taking the first step is one of the greatest decisions you will ever make in your life. It is crucial at this time to have the right support around you in order to maximize your chances of success. The Sober Companions is your leading provider of recovery coaching services that are designed to have you staying on track during the most difficult first days of recovery with 24 hour support in the acute recovery phase.

How Do You Benefit from Recovery Coaching Services?

When it comes to recovery, no two patients take the same journey. While there is value in seeking group support, remaining sober in those times when you are alone is one of the most difficult challenges. Your recovery coaching professional from The Sober Companions is there for you when you need it the most, providing acute support in the first 90 days that remains in place for six months or longer.

Your recovery coaching program provides access to a live-in support person who helps you with every aspect of your life, such as ensuring the home is a safe place for you and helping you to avoid triggers. You are supported throughout your daily routine, and with healthy encouragement at all times, your ability to overcome the hurdles presented by recovery is significantly improved.

Coaching That is There for You When You Need it the Most

At The Sober Companions, we truly believe that everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy and productive life free from addition. Our programs are designed to provide acute support for patients as they work through their recovery. To learn more about our programs and to see what impact they will have on your life, contact our team at 1-800-421-5589.