The first year after intensive treatment is the hardest for a recovering addict. Without comprehensive support, relapse is a significant risk. The Sober Companions is an association offering a sober escort service that is there for you throughout the difficult times, helping you to maintain the skills you learned in treatment and to implement them into a healthy and positive routine. Your sober escort has been in your shoes, and understands the complexity of your situation, and will help you to rebuild the happy life that you deserve.

How Does a Sober Escort Assist During Recovery?

A sober escort is your companion throughout your recovery process, and is with you on a constant basis in order to help you to make and maintain positive changes in your life. Your sober escort from The Sober Companions specializes in creating a safe place for you in the home, at work or anywhere else that you go, removing dangerous items and potential triggers that might set your recovery back.

While the first 90 days following treatment are the hardest, the sober escort service provided by The Sober Companions provides support for six months or longer to encourage positive change in your life while ensuring that the skills and techniques you learned in treatment are implemented into your daily routine. Your sober escort is there for you 24 hours a day for acute support on an ongoing basis.

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You have already made the commitment to yourself to seek treatment for your problem. Now, it is time to maintain the promise that you made to yourself with a sober escort service. The Sober Companions offer ongoing support through the most challenging stages of recovery. To learn more about our programs, contact us today at 1-800-421-5589.